Be prepared before you leave for your trip

Please carefully read all of the info below as it’s designed to help you have a smooth travel experience.

One of our core values is to lead with service. Our Global Connection Officers (or GCOs, the people who answer when you call us) and travel agent partners will do their very best to provide you with the latest information before your trip. There are, however, certain things that are the responsibility of the traveller.

All G Adventures travellers are responsible for arranging and obtaining the required entry documentation for the countries they intend to visit.

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, entry requirements and restrictions dictated by foreign governments can change frequently and irrespective of your intended date of travel. These requirements and restrictions may depend on different factors such as your country of residence, passport nationality, destination and transit points, as well as previous travel history. Given these considerations, it is the traveller’s responsibility to research and to understand the latest travel and health requirements and restrictions by destination which are most relevant to them at the time of travel and to the destination(s) they are planning to visit, as well as to keep themselves up to date.

Important considerations:

• Don’t forget to consider the latest travel and health requirements and restrictions by destination, for both directions of travel — not just for the start country of your tour.

• Don’t book your international flights before you do your own research, or before you talk to one of our GCOs or your travel agent, as you may be required to book post-nights before your return flight in order to accommodate COVID-19 testing.

• If you visit multiple countries as part of your itinerary or on the way to your destination, there may be additional entry requirements. Keep this in consideration when verifying your documentation.

• If you are travelling with minors (under the age of 18), additional documentation may be required to enter the country visited. Please contact the Embassy for more information.


Review Entry Requirements and Restrictions Advice provided by G Adventures

Please review entry requirements/restrictions and obtain source links by using the tool below, powered by Sherpa. Please ensure you check restrictions for both directions of travel.

Check Your Trip Details


Access Travel Advice & Resources made available by your home government

The links below are provided and maintained by their respective Governments. If you have any questions about any information found on any of these pages, please contact your home government.

If your country is not listed below, you may contact your home government for Travel Advice & Resources.

Travel Advice & Destination Information:

Before You Go Checklist:

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Travel Advice & Destination Information:

Interactive Tool - Ask Travel:

Traveller's Checklist:

Please click below for the European Commission's Travel Advice Directory:

Travel Advice & Destination Information:

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Quick Checklist & Tips:

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Foreign Travel Checklist:

Verify entry requirements with the nearest diplomatic mission of your destination country

As the official representative of the country you are intending to visit, it is imperative that all travellers confirm entry requirements with their nearest Embassy or Consulate.


Verify Travellers’ Health Information and contact your healthcare provider / Travel Medicine Clinic

While some countries require immunization to certain diseases as an entry requirement, some immunizations are recommended due to the prevalence of some diseases at your destination.

G Adventures refers to the Traveller's Health Resources from the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention when providing health related guidance.

Once you have reviewed the advice of the CDC, You will need to contact your health care provider or a travel medicine clinic, who can provide you with advice with your personal health history in mind and advise if any exemptions apply to you.

It is generally recommended to get in touch with your health care provider or travel medicine clinic as early as possible, but generally around 6-8 weeks prior to your intended travel date.

Need a Visa and some help?

While G Adventures does not operate its own visa service, we partner with CIBT, the global visa and passport professionals, who can help you get the travel documents required for your trip. G Adventures travelers receive significant discounts off CIBT service fees.

To learn more, visit the CIBT Visa page.

It looks like I can't travel to my intended destination. What should I do?

If you are within a month of your intended date of travel and current travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to your intended destination(s), please contact us and we will review your options.